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Hospital Uniform
The Hospital Uniforms are worn by the doctors, nurses and other staffs during they treat the patients. The doctor wear these during surgeries. The purpose of the dresses are hygiene as well as protection. 
Corporate Uniform
The Corporate Uniforms offered by us can display the corporate logos as well as colors. These are the uniforms, worn by the employees in various working scenarios. 
Housekeeping Uniform
The Housekeeping Uniforms we deal in are the uniforms, which are available in various styles as well as designs. These are needed to promote the brand and improve the value of employees.
Security Guard Uniform
The Security Guard Uniforms offered by us are suited to provide the instant recognizability. These are suited for the guards, sitting outside the houses and offices. 
Hotel Uniform
The Hotel Uniforms are worn by the hospitality staffs and help them be focused. These are the physical reminders of their being at work. The responsibility these uniform provide enable right frame of mind and more attentiveness.
Nurse Coat

The Nurse Coat is needed for the protection of skin as well as personal clothing from small splashes and related contact. This coat is needed to stop the spread of contamination. These can give security against hazardous substances.

Ot Suit

The Ot Suits are the loose-fitting two-piece garments, which are worn by the hospital staffs. These are accessible with good utility and are functional as the great ways for medical professionals.

Nurse Uniform

The Nurse Uniforms are the clothing worn by nurses for identification and hygiene. We offer these in several variants and sizes. These must be worn by the nurses, physicians and surgeons in hospitals.

Caterer Uniform

The Caterer Uniforms are accessible with a professional appearance. These are suited for boosting the branding for the business. They are comfortable to use and can be worn for long hours.

Hotel & Restaurants Uniforms

The Hotel & Restaurants Uniforms are used by the workers of hotels and restaurants. These are the clean, professional and presentable uniforms, which give identification to the wearers or staffs. 

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